About Dr. Nicole Bossard

Dr. Nicole Bossard established TGC Positivity in 2006 to help organizations achieve their goals and create thriving cultures through executive and team leadership coaching, strategic consulting, and positivity-infused facilitation and training.

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Dr. Nicole helps organizations build cultures where Diversity, Authenticity, and Positivity serve as powerful sources of authentic engagement, empowering inclusion, and renewed vitality in connection with one’s work, peers, and ultimately the workplace.



Equipped with a PhD in Leadership and Change and infectious enthusiasm, Dr. Nicole Bossard leads leverages the power of purpose and positivity to initiate, plan, and sustain system change initiatives with organizations and communities across the country. She creates engaging and safe learning environments where groups can identify what they really want more of, uncover innate strengths and drivers of success (often hidden in plain sight), and create innovative solutions to achieve real outcomes that matter. Her clients report renewed passion for their work, greater trust amongst staff, stakeholders, and partners, strengthened resourcefulness and resilience, and improved clarity and shared accountability.

With over twenty-five years consulting experience, Dr. Bossard has helped community and social service agencies align organizational values and business practices; strengthen accountability processes; improve collaborative partnerships; improve employee engagement, and dramatically expand leadership capacity throughout the organization.

Dr. Nicole’s Process

Getting on the Balcony

In addition to identifying the needs/pain points/problems, I like to engage with my clients about what’s working well, strengths we can build with and build on, and identifying, as a basic level, some of the sources of life-giving, energy-generating, momentum sustaining factors present in the current system.

Possibility Thinking

With a clear look at works working and work to do, we then shift from looking at the past and present to thinking about the future, namely, what future they want to co-create within their current team and even themselves.

Strategizing a Path Forward

If we decide that a partnership is in order, we consider the best pathway to get moving along their pathway to powerful results that matter.

“To be the brightest star in your sky is not to outshine others but to fully express the unique gift you are to the world. Be a bright light in the brilliant night sky.”

– Dr. Nicole Bossard

We’re a Good Fit If…

You’re a transformative leader interested in exploring how you might leverage the full power of positivity within yourself and your workplace to generate:

  • Empowered Workplace Engagement
  • Valuable Relationships
  • Deep Sense of Meaning in the Work
  • Heightened Individual and Team Performance
  • Authentic Inclusion and Belonging Across the Team and Even the Organization
  • Restored Joy at Work!

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